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Adsiduous media uses primed technology stacks to programmatically match supply and demand, keeping in mind the geographic location. With our audience and the experience, we have always managed to meet supply with the right demand.

Adsiduous runs on the latest ‘Ad-tech’ built in-house and SaaS technologies. ‘Our multi core’ demand layers are curated by human power, and is monitored 24/7 by our data analytics team to make sure we never let software turn goals into just numbers, in-turn helping our partners, like you, succeed!

Display Ads

We provide the solution that meets your requirement by supporting ‘Tag based buying’, ‘API integration’ and ‘Open RTB integration’.

Video Ads

Although it is a relatively new initiative for us, we have gained great traction over the last few months, and are able to support ‘Tag based buying’ and ‘Open RTB formats’.


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