With Media buying for ‘Direct Response Campaigns’ being our expertise, we understand the data points to look for and target the right inventory that suits our clients requirement.

We only represent curated inventory that performs well for our internal campaigns and with audience extension across the exchanges we have relationships with, we have a reach of over 7 Billion “REAL” impressions monthly.


Brand safety and Fraudulent Inventory

Adsiduous media cares about your money, and hence has zero tolerance for fraudulent traffic.

We have even built tools to detect fraudulent traffic sources besides using partners such as Fraudlogix and others.

Campaigns can be run based on Advertiser data collected across funnels or targeted based on audience segments from DMP’s to cut down on non-human traffic and to target the most relevant users.



Performance Optimization

Our metrics being performance indicative makes it natural that we optimize your ad buying to be performance driven. We succeed when you do, and we are here to ensure your ads are an investment.


Funnel Creation and Management

We understand the ins and outs of a sales funnel and how to plan each step from reaching an unqualified prospect to servicing a satisfied customer. It may look like a winding road at first, but we’ll help you hammer out a campaign that works.

We are available on live support to answer any questions that you may have.

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